Friends! We’re so excited to announce we’ve won a grant to support our Voucher Program for Community Pet Sterilization!

As you know, Holbrook — a town of 5,000 — takes in over 550 dogs and cats at our shelter each year. That’s 1 shelter animal for every 10 people living here! While we’re able to save over 90% of the animals who come to us at the shelter, our capacity is routinely overwhelmed by litters of discarded cats and dogs. Overpopulation is a very tragic and very avoidable circumstance:

In 3 years, and as early as 4 months old, 1 spayed female and 1 unneutered male can produce 512 dogs or 382 cats.

We hope you’ll spread the word that, thanks to the AZ Pet Plates program and the Arizona Companion Animal Spay and Neuter Committee, we are setting up a voucher program soon, and it will coincide with our annual shot clinic to make it easy and affordable for our Dr. Abbie Reidhead to complete the surgeries on your beloved pets. Please spread the word to you family, your neighbors, your friends! We’re looking forward to improving the health and safety of our community pets.

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