Friends!! We have received another grant from the same AZ Pet Plates organization to help us control our feral cat population. We are so eager to get to work on this TNR program.


We will be trapping cats, fixing them, and releasing them back where they were trapped. They will be ear tipped so we know which cats we’ve already fixed should they be recaptured. This will cut down on the feral cat population in over populated neighborhoods.

This will start in Clear View Heights (aka “Tortilla Flats”) tonight (1/22/20) then we will move down 7th and E. Florida towards Hunt Park.

If you have a house cat & live in these neighborhoods , you should probably consider keeping your kitty indoors for the next few night so we don’t catch them. All cats trapped will be fixed & released where they were trapped.

If you have suggestions where we should continue this program — any neighborhoods with too many feral kitties? — please contact us. Money is limited, but we’ll do our best.


If you have questions or concerns about TNR please see these handy graphics or read the attached article!

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