The grant period was between January to August 2020 for our two programs: the Community Cat S/N Program (spay/neuter for feral cats, $880 spent of the $2,500 awarded) and Public Pet S/N Program (voucher program for community pets, $5,000 total).


Here’s how those two grant-funded programs turned out:

For the Feral Cat S/N program: with $880 of the $2,500 awarded, twenty-two (22) cats were trapped, fixed, tipped, and released. We raised money to cover the $7 rabies shot for each fixed cat ($147, separate from grant funds). Only one vet could do the surgeries during the Jan to Aug period so we had leftover funds. But we just found out they’re letting us apply for an extension to consume the rest of the $2,500 funds. We know we can make a bigger impact, we’ve received lots of input from the community on strategic spots to place traps for feral cats in our town.
With the Public Pet S/N program: with the $5,000 awarded, fifty-five (55) community pets were sterilized through our 2020 voucher program. We were able to consume 100% of the grant’s funding. Since the majority of S/N surgeries were for dogs, and because those surgeries were more expensive, the money went quickly. The interest in the program outweighed the amount of vouchers available. So we’re looking forward to finding more funding for similar programs going forward.


Thanks again to the team who supported these programs, especially Paul Saiz, our ACO, Dani Casto, our shelter liasion, and our vet partners, Dr. Reidhead and Dr. Yieslie. And a special thanks to everyone in the community for spreading the word and for supporting us.

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