Please donate today.

Your donation makes a big difference. Any amount will help our shelter animals receive the care and comfort they need. Please consider being generous, but we welcome all donations, big and small! The animals will thank you, and remember, donations are tax deductible!

Donate Any Amount.

$5 pays for a day’s worth of kitty litter
$10 pays for a parvo vaccination for a shelter puppy
$30 pays for a parvo test for a shelter puppy
$40 pays for a neuter for a shelter or feral cat
$45 pays for a spay for a shelter or feral cat
$70 pays for a neuter for a shelter dog
$75 pays for a spay for a shelter dog
$100 or more pays for veterinary services for shelter animals


Make it a MONTHLY gift!
Every donation helps, so thank you!

Donate Any Amount

Other ways to Give Compassionately

Amazon Wish List

Amazon is where we list all our odds, ends, and special needs at the shelter. If you can help us out, we’d appreciate it. 

WoofTrax: Walk for a Dog

Don’t just take your dog for a walk… Take your Walk for a Dog! Go to, download the app, and support your local animal shelter every time you walk your dog.

Donate or Volunteer at Local Events

You can always find our booth at the local Farmers Market and at our annual events like the Route 66 Festival and Old West Fest.

Fundraising Projects & Events

If you want to help us raise money for the animals at the Holbrook AZ Animal Shelter, please contact us! We’ve loved having Petrified Forest volunteers, Girl Scout troops, and school groups raise money and collect donations for us in the past. We always welcome these type of community engagements and thank you for your interest.