Darcie has been in our care since April 1st. She was brought in for killing chickens, only weighing 16 lbs, she was starving to death. Little did we know she was expecting too. We got her healthy & she grew to a whopping 37lbs. most of that was puppies.

As her time drew near no rescue had stepped up to take her, but one of our volunteers brought her home. Two nights later she was in labor, and needed help getting those huge puppies (St. Bernard maybe?) out of her. One was so stuck even the vet couldn’t get him out and had to perform an emergency C-Section at 4:30 am. That pup didn’t make it, but his 3 sisters did and so did mom, thanks to our awesome volunteer & wonderful vet. Had Darcie spent the night of her labor in the shelter, she and the pups would not have made it. This is why we do what we do.

We now have a rescue who has taken in this sweet mama & babies but someone still has to pay the vet bill. Can you help out?

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